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butternut squash pastry

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Linda51 | 10:54 Thu 19th Jan 2006 | Food & Drink
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I watched you are what you eat yesterday and they had cooked a lentil pie with butternut squash pastry, it sounded really nice, does anyone know how to make it. I love butternut squash so any recipe tips would be appreciated. Thanks.



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I saw it too. Isn't it frustrating when you only get half the story? I imagine you probably grate the raw squash and mix it in with the flour as you would grated cheese when you make a cheesy pastry. The other alternative would be to cook the squash, cool it and then mash it in with the flour as you would do when mixing in mashed potatoes into flour when making potato cakes. Haven't had a chance to check whether there's a TV website which gives the recipes quoted but a keen vegetarian might have investigated this and provide the answer.
I too am looking for this recipe, has anyone had any success at finding out? I cant believe it is real pastry as she is trying to avoid fats, so it must be somehow using cooked squash and flour but wish I could find out because I would love to try and make it.
I too would love this receipe. I have her latest book, and I can't see the recipe in the index. If I find it, I'll let you know. But I suspect that she uses cooked pulp which has been drained, otherwise it will be too watery.

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butternut squash pastry

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