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French Potatoes/Rotisserie Chicken

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BBWCHATT | 02:40 Sun 18th Feb 2007 | Food & Drink
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Can someone please tell me the French name for the potatoes that cook underneath the Rotisserie Chicken cooking in the French Markets? The chicken drips down on the potatoes as they both cook.


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I know exactly the potatoes you mean and I don't think there is an actual name for them. I have a small rotisserie myself and have tried to make them, but you acually need a very large roti otherwise they burn. The nearest I have got to them is roasting small chunks of potato in goose fat, particularly the fat from a tin of confit!
Hopes this helps a bit.
Regards PBC
Sorry, BB, I don't know the answer to your question. BUT, I am amazed to see you asking a question, when I am used to seeing extremely knowledgeable answers from you on food questions!
Pommes de terre rissol�es?
Question Author
Thank you very much PBC - I may try that at some point in time - but my sister manages a restaurant and they are going to start making them - so for right now, all I need is the name:)

Thick - thank you very much honey - that is quite a compliment!!! It just goes to show you - no one, including me for sure, knows EVERYTHING about ANYTHING!!! :)

Figi - thank you VERY much - I will tell my sister that name - the only thing that confuses me is the question mark at the end. Does that mean you are a tiny bit unsure of your answer or that I probably should have remembered the name? :) If that is it - I will just blame it on old age:)

Thanks again everyone!!!
Well, I've certainly bought "pommes de terre rissol�es" from Charcuteries in France and I assume they were probably cooked under the Rotisserie chicken which the shop also sold. Sorry I can't be more definite than that.
Question Author
Thank you VERY much Fiji for clarifying it for me!!! I gave the name to my sister - who says thank you also by the way :)

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French Potatoes/Rotisserie Chicken

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