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Dairylea the same as Kraft American Singles?

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BBWCHATT | 18:07 Mon 02nd Jul 2007 | Food & Drink
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Is Dairylea the same thing as Kraft American Singles here in the USA?


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dairylea is a chees spread, which used to only be available in little foil-wrapped triangles. it's now also available in tubs, and also sold in slices similar to kraft singles (like the slices you'd put on a cheese burger). but generally, dairylea in england is thought of as a cheese spread.
Hi B - Kraft own the Dairylea brand. The link : here is for the Dairylea ingredients and this is for the Kraft version.

Similar things - site states 38% cheese in Dairylea and 34% in Kraft plus couple of minor changes, like no salt added to Kraft but calcium phosphate is used which is not in the Dairylea basically the same stuff.

Overprocessed, unnatural and to be avoided, unless as in the Kraft version you are happy that ammonium phosphatides are part of your diet?... Just use a slice of cheese........

Hope this helps..
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Thank you Ron & Nick - you guys are the best!!!

When I ran across the Dairylea I thought it sounded like the American cheese someone on here asks me about from time to time. Until you guys confirmed it for me, I never knew how to tell them what it was.

I am not a fan except in an omelet - it has such a mild taste it doesn't overpower the eggs - so the 2 or 3 times a year I have one I eat it then - the rest of my family prefer real cheese in theirs.

Thanks again guys!!!
Question Author
Nick - I used your link and I found what I am pretty sure is the exact duplicate - there Kraft just calls it Singles - here they call it American Singles - I didn't think they would have missed anyone with that stuff:) Little kids eat it plain sometimes - just unwrapping it and eating it - I guess the Mothers allow it because they can get it out of the fridge unaided. hyliving/page?siteid=krafthealthyliving&locale =uken1&PagecRef=454

Hi B - looks about the same but with small differences in the E numbers.....

Fair point about ease of getting the kids to have something easy to get to, rather than cutting slices off a wedge.

You may be aware that cheese in the UK can not now be advertised if it is aimed at children as in the recently changed laws about junk foods, cheese is classed as a high fat, high salt product - so it can't be promoted as suitable for children......but its fine to advertise milk - the stuff cheese is made from.... but Diet Coke - no nutritional value! - can stay in the kids TV programmes adverts...but sugary cereals, chocolate chip cakes and a few other '..far less healthy than cheese..' things can also stay on air...

Makes you wonder sometimes...

Ta for now..

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Dairylea the same as Kraft American Singles?

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