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Coffee or tea

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Tetsuba | 22:19 Tue 27th May 2008 | Food & Drink
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What is the best kind of coffee or tea?

Which do you prefer?


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there is no "best", it is all down to personal taste . If however you mean what the most widely prized is, that is a different matter.

For coffee most people think that Jamaican Blue Mountain is the best ,widely available coffee and this is certainly reflected in the high price. In my local shop its about 4 times the price of a sumatran or kenyan coffee.

As for tea, again it can be a matter of taste. However usually a single estate, first flowering tea is the most rare and expensive.The tea is graded on the height it is picked at, how much of the tip of the tea plant is picked etc. For the best place to find out about really good quality tea and coffee (rather than a palce that only specialises in one or the other) try the website for that lovely London shop Fortnums& Masons. I go there once ayear and manage to spend a fortune every time!
I like Twinings English Breakfast tea. I also like their Pure Green tea. Ocassionally, I'll have a Cappuccino to wake me up.
I drink green tea and herbal teas sometimes, but a good old brew of Yorkshire, or any organic teas and medium-roast coffee is alright by me.
Rington's Tea from the Rington's man delivered to your door. Only I get my family to then send it on to me over here!!
How very posh! PG Tips and original Nescafe evry time.
- every -
Having difficulty sleeping, I have been drinking Camomile tea and it is delicious. I also like Earl Grey and Green Tea, as I don't like milk in tea.
I have recently bought some Lemon and Ginger tea bags from Aldi - ideal if you have a cold - very comforting !
I drink both, tea at home and coffee out.

I have a venti Starbucks fairtrade coffee with soya milk every morning to start work with and we have a Tassimo machine which is good.

I like sweet versions eg with a bit of whisky in or brown sugar and love the irish cream coffees, so christmassy. Not so keen on frothy milky ones like cappucino.

Love the better coffee you get in cafes in europe, especially Italy.

Twinings tea is lovely but drink normal decaf tea at home. Like it quite sweet and milky.
I've been drinking Rooibus tea lately. It does taste similar to normal tea and you can put milk and sugar in it. Its also naturally caffine free.
YorkshireTea for a good strong brew but I am hooked on Lidls Rooibus tea ,orange flavour , which I drink it with honey .Coffee has to the proper stuff and we have Dallmayr Prodomo or Jacobs Kr�nung
Don't like instant coffee of any sort .

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Coffee or tea

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