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Name Of Edward Janeway Lived Peckham London Now Deceased

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Smiller | 17:16 Wed 14th Nov 2018 | Genealogy
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Have you details of this man my grandad


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The following entries appear in the BMD registers:

Births Sep 1922
Janeway Edward F Riches Southwark Vol 1d Page 90
Marriages Sep 1951
JANEWAY Edward F BUDDIN Camberwell Vol 5c Page 609
Deaths Dec 1967
JANEWAY Edward 72 Camberwell Vol 5a Page 562

Does this data relate to your grandfather?
Hi Smiler.

A quick look at Ancestry shows Births, Marriages and Deaths of a few people of that name, all coming from that area of London, any of whom could have been in the Ambulance Service during the war time period. You need to give to give a few more details, such as approximate date of birth, death, or age at death, and middle name/initial if known, before we can help you in a positive way.

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Name Of Edward Janeway Lived Peckham London Now Deceased

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