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Help With Ww1 Service History, Please.

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derekpara | 20:34 Wed 14th Nov 2018 | Genealogy
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Could anyone please help with any information on my Grandfather, who served in The Great War 1914-18 ? I have his discharge document but would like to see, or get information from, his Attestation papers - if available. Any other information would be most welcome. His details are:

George Frederick WAKELY.
Service No: 531618. Unit: 1/15th London Regt. Civil Service Rifles.

Despite being wounded three times and sent back to the Front George survived the war and died in 1972.

Many thanks.



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There are sites on google but they are not free.
Question Author
Thanks, Retro. I was hoping one of our genealogists might help me out as I don't really want to sign up to a pay for information site. Mean of me, I know, but I won't use it enough.

Also I live a fair distance from Kew.

Hi Derek,
Unfortunately your Grandfather's Attestation and service records don't appear on the online documents viewable with

Looking at the medals he was awarded, the War Medal and the Victory Medal, he served as a Private with the London Regiment, with overseas service as follows:
15th. (City of London) Battalion (P.W.O Civil Service Rifles
7.2.1916 to 19. 9.1916 Regiment Service No. 4100
7. 4.1918 to 19. 4.1918 3rd. Battalion London Rifles. Service No. 279039
20. 4.1918 to 13. 5.1918 East Surrey Regiment. Service No. 678271
14. 5.1918 to 23. 8.1918 15th. Battalion London Rifles. Service No. 531628 (note the number difference to your record).

He was also awarded the Silver War Badge which records that he Enlisted 19. 6.1915 and was Discharged for Wounds age 28 on
24. 2.1919 .
He was probably temporarily attached to the E. Surrey Rifles to make up numbers for a particular operation, as were some others from his Battalion (which also happened to one of my relatives)

In the Absent Voters Records for 1918, he is listed as a Lance Corporal. I presume that his wife was living with her Mother at the time, as George's Father in Law is also shown as being an Absent Voter from the same address (with the West Riding Regiment).

I hope that this gives you some information, but you will probably have to try the National Archives for further help, although I would think that not every record has been copied, or filed under the correct heading. Good luck !

You can apply for military service records if you are next of kin or have next of kin's consent. So if his children give their consent you can request his records.

The link you provided doesn't always have complete data. For example it only shows my father's records up until 1949 and he served several years beyond that date and was promoted to higher ranks than shown there.

I applied to the MoD for his records and received much more detail. There is a £30.00 fee, though.
sorry couldn't be more help.
Question Author
Many thanks to you all, especially Twix.

George served on the Western Front throughout his service apart from hospitalization following wounding. I still have his medals and badges, postcards, field cards, telegrams, photos etc as well as the shrapnel ball that struck him in the jaw at the battle at High Wood. So plenty of primary evidence to go on if and when I get to Kew.

Sorry for delay in answering - I've been in hospital.



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Help With Ww1 Service History, Please.

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