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Bank Holiday (Why?)

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CaptainS | 21:23 Sat 24th Aug 2019 | Genealogy
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Can anyone help me?
I know traditionally that a Bank Holiday is a day of rest for Bank workers and a lot of other business's and companies.
Even though it's not as widespread or used in that way nowdays (ie) Shops or supermarkets are allways open.
Does anybody know why it was originally the Banks that were given this extra day's holiday.?
Also, why a Monday??


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Originally banks were closed that day and this extended to other areas of the workplace. The idea was to give workers a paid day off.

Why Monday? Makes a long weekend, although Xmas Day, Boxing Day are variable, not forgetting Good Friday.
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Thank you JimF and Baldric, really interesting answers.
Hope you both enjoy your Bank Holiday weekend ☺
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Good info Jackdaw33, Thank you ☺

Thanks CaptainS, we have a houseful of people, that what comes of living on the Seafront, but it will be a good one, no doubt.
Monday was probably chosen as the best day because many people worked a 6-day week, with only Sunday off. Giving them Monday off as well extended their break from one day to two.

Many sources suggest that Sir John Lubbock's love of cricket was involved in him proposing the introduction of Bank Holidays to Parliament; he wanted more time for people to be able to play and watch the game.

It's also worth noting that bank employees weren't particularly short of holidays themselves. The four Bank Holidays replaced the 33 saints' days and religious festivals upon which the Bank of England had previously closed. The Bank Holidays Act 1871 simply stated that there could be no obligation upon anyone to complete a financial transaction on a Bank Holiday and that where, for example, a payment became due on a Bank Holiday, it would be regarded as having being settled on the due date if the payment was actually made on the following day.
As Chico says, I have a D/D due on Monday. It won't be paid until Tuesday but a late payment won't be recorded.
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Very nice BaldRic, I used to live just down the road from you ( I assume you live in Herne Bay, judging by your profile pic) in Tankerton, my flat overlooked the Slopes on to the sea. I really miss those sunsets
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Thank you Chico,
Good useful information ☺

You assume correctly, right on the front, sunsets are wonderful,
Know Tankerton well, and Whitstable of course, just come back from a meal out there, place is rammed tonight so thought we'ed come home as there are eight of us, difficult to fit into a rammed bar.
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I can imagine BaldRic,
You didn't fancy all crashing out in those way 'Overpriced' beach huts on the Slopes then? ha ha. ☺

No way, not when we have a way overpriced house on the 'front, and doggies to spoil, got a minibus-taxi home, great service and comfortable, been a good night.
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Ha ha, good for you Baldric. Hope you & the family enjoy the sun and have an Oyster on me! ☺
I regularly have this discussion with my wife, why are holidays other than the religious ones nowadays called bank holidays, even though lots of them never have had anything to do with banks ? Her answer is basically "Because". I think it is all in the interest of clarity, UK style. Just like a double bed is 50% larger than a single. However, just try googling "UK bank holidays 2019 list", it seems it is not only Mondays and it is in effect all holidays except Sundays ( So why not just "Holiday" instead of Bank Holiday - because Sundays are holidays, other holidays are bank holidays. Back to clarity: It is simply so the UK can be different (note I did not say what others are and have been saying for generations) and stand out.

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Bank Holiday (Why?)

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