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Nicholas Jones

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BradleyGas | 13:54 Wed 29th Jul 2020 | Genealogy
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I'm trying to find out about one of my ancestors, but have hit a brick wall. What I know is:

Married 15.7.1793 to Mary Allpass, Nicholas of the parish of Frampton Cotterill
Wife died 24.7.1844, Nicholas a labourer
On 1851 census living in Yate, aged 88 as a pauper, born in Horton in Gloucestershire
Died in Yate 10.6.1854 aged 93

Depending on whether the census or death certificate is more accurate, he seems to have been born sometime between 1760 and 1763.

I'm trying to track his birth, I've found two other births in Horton - Richard on 13.12.1767 and Ann on 1.11.1772, both in Horton to William and Honour Jones. This may be his parents, but Jones is a common name.

Any help in solving this would be really appreciated thanks.


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Looking at William and Honour, they were married on 7 Jan 1765 at Horton. Honour's maiden name was Maller.

Nicholas' age at death places his birth at 1761, that is, before the marriage. He was, therefore, at that stage, illegitimate. I can't find a baptism for him either as Jones or Maller, so perhaps he wasn't baptised in Horton (or elsewhere) or the record hasn't survived. If William was his father, then he would be regarded as legitimate on the marriage, else if Honour was his mother, then he was William's stepson and took his name.

BTW William and Honour had another child, Robert, baptised 13 Dec 1767 at buried 14 Aug 1768 at Horton :(

The best I can suggest is looking to see what the Records Office may have. There may may be a bastardy order, or if William was his stepfather, a mention in William's Will, if there was one.
Tracking Richard and Ann may also provide a clue.
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Rose Maybud, my apologies, I've just realised I never responded to you. Thanks for looking into this for me, I'll certainly look into the bastardy order and William's will to see if that helps.

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Nicholas Jones

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