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Family History Question

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Teabag | 13:19 Sun 29th Apr 2007 | Genealogy
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I am looking into my family tree and have done o.k apart from one, Robert Wright my 2x Grt Grandad. I will work backwards with is life, as it is his early life that is the problem. He died in Brighton on the 20th August 1882 of TB, he was a Jeweller and was married to Kezia. They had three children and in fact Kezia was heavily pregant when Robert died as she gave birth to a daughter on the 23 August 1882, three days after he died. They moved to Brighton some time after 1875, when they moved from London. Kezia was from Cheshire and they married there in 1869, Robert was born in Middlesex between 21 August 1845 and the 3 April 1846, I worked this out from the 1881 census, he was 35, and when he died the following August he had turned 36. When they married in 1869 they had a daughter in 1870 and the moved back to London, I had a breakthrough recently when I found them on the 1871 census on RootsUK website, with a Henry Wright who was in Oil and Colour, I am not sure whether Henry is a brother or cousin, he is 2 yrs older than Robert. It says they were born in Marylebone, Middlesex, I do not know much about London and am not sure which area's this would cover in the 1840. Robert's father is also called Robert (from his wedding certificate) and he was also in Oil and Colour. I recently got in touch with the records office at Southport with all this info, they could not find a certificate without the mother as more than one person came up, of course if I knew this I would not be in difficulty. Henry was married to a Maria Brett, but the wedding certificate only gives the fathers name and not the mother , so I am told. I am really dissapointed about this it is a specail family line and I have a very much older member of the family also interested to find out the family line. Any advice about how I can find his family and birth would be greatly appreciated.

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Maybe you could find him on a earlier census with his parents - that would give you his mothers name.
Hi, if this is any help I found a Robert Wright on the 1861 census, aged 40, married to Ellen, aged 46. They have 5 children including David Henry aged 17, who worked in oil, and Robert aged 15, working as a tailor's clerk, living at 26 Upper Marylebone St. . All members of the family were born in Middx. except Ellen, who was from Somerset.
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Thank you for that, I have been looking at this since I posted my letter and I found the 1861, the exciting find was that on the 1871 census Robert was living with Henry his brother (David Henry on the 1861) and on the 1871 census the father Robert and Ellen were living next door but one and he was now an Oil and Colour man he was originally a Tailor, I think Henry employed the other brothers and the father in his shop on Copenhagen Street London, Robert was a Jeweller. I have also since found that Roberts brother Charles and sister Barbara went to Brighton with him. I have today sent for a wedding certificate for Roberts parents, this has all been wonderful to find, and thank you for your help.

Excellent! I've been researching my family tree for just over a year and there have been quite a few frustrating moments when it's seemed like I've hit a brick wall, but it's all come together eventually. Genesreunited has been a great help and has put me in touch with several distant relations as well as a second Cousin of my Gran's who I've swapped photos and information with - it's really brought the family tree to life. Wishing you continued success!
I just realised that sounds like a really cheesy ad for GR! :o)
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Thanks Scatty, no not cheesy at all I am also in Genes and found it to be great. I also got a photo of my grandad who was run over in Edinburgh, the person did not stop. That was the highlight of doing my tree, and the people who sent the photo were in Australia, if I had not joined Genes I would not have got the photo. Good Luck with your family tree as well.

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