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Richard II has a new grave

A. Yes. Traditionally, he was murdered, buried in an obscure spot in Hertfordshire, then his body moved to Westminster Abbey. Now it's thought his real grave might be in Stirling, Scotland. Q. 01:00 Mon 04th Feb 2002

How did King Herod die

A. Very unpleasantly, according to a report by medical detectives. Q. Tell me more. A. King Herod - or Herod the Great - was one of the nastiest characters in the New Testament. During his01:00 Mon 04th Feb 2002

Who was Paul Revere

A. American patriot, famous for riding to warn comrades of the approaching British. He was also an engraver, dentist, artist and participant of the Boston Tea Party. Q. But what about this ride 01:00 Mon 28th Jan 2002

What was Wannsee conference

A. Sixty years ago, 15 top Nazi and SS officials sealed the fate of European Jews at a meeting about 'the final solution of the Jewish question'. They met in a villa on Berlin's Wannsee lake.01:00 Mon 28th Jan 2002

Can anyone tell me more about the lost city under the sea, off India

A. Thanks to seeker for the question. It's an amazing find and might, according to experts, force historians and archaeologists to reconsider their view of ancient human history. The remains have01:00 Mon 28th Jan 2002

What's the evidence for Ophelia

A. It now seems that the basis for Hamlet's beautiful and tragic lover may be based upon a Warwickshire girl who committed suicide. Q. Explain. A. Archaeologists have uncovered a well in01:00 Mon 28th Jan 2002

There's a new theory about Seahenge

A. Indeed. The Bronze Age ritual circle discovered off the Norfolk coast is now believed to have been built by a Scandinavian tribe building a gateway to next world. Q. What is Seahenge A. A01:00 Mon 21st Jan 2002

Who was John Hancock

A. As in 'put your John Hancock on that' He was the man who put his large signature defiantly in the middle of the American Declaration of Independence. Q. Why A. Hancock was president of the01:00 Mon 21st Jan 2002

What's the oldest piece of art

A. Two abstract representations engraved on pieces of red ochre. They have just been recovered from Blombos Cave on the southern Cape coast of the Indian Ocean in South Africa, 120 miles east of01:00 Mon 21st Jan 2002

What was the Marshall Plan

A. It just depends upon your point of view. It was either the Americans' generous plan to help war-torn Europe remain stable; or another attempt to expand American imperialism into another sphere.01:00 Mon 14th Jan 2002

What was the Czechoslovakian Coup

A. The moment, in February, 1948, when the Communists took over all of Eastern Europe. Q. Background A. The Soviet army began to occupy Eastern Europe in 1944 after the Nazis fled. The area01:00 Mon 14th Jan 2002

Did Michael Jackson's false nose really fall off on TV

A. No. It's just a web rumour, a modern myth, an urban legend. Q. So how did this rumour start A. Jackson has had numerous plastic surgery operations over the years and his appearance -01:00 Mon 14th Jan 2002

Is it worth trying this 1901 census site

A. Absolutely - but give it a little while. Millions of amateur family historians were left frustrated in the first few days of the Public Record Office putting the 1901 census online. Q. Why 01:00 Mon 07th Jan 2002

What were The Six Acts

A Free Born Englishmansatirised in print as bound by libel laws,debt and fraudulent elections A. Six repressive Acts of Parliament passed in 1819 in response to riots and disaffection in01:00 Sun 07th Jan 2001

Where's Peterloo, famous for the Peterloo massacre

Cavalry charged the protestorsA. Nowhere. Peterloo is a play on words. The massacre was in St Peter's Fields Manchester, on 16 August 1819. The name Peterloo was coined in an analogy with the01:00 Mon 07th Jan 2002

What was the New Deal

A. In a nutshell, it was the economic rescue package to get America out of the recession caused by the Wall Street Crash of October, 1929 (click here for a feature on that). Q. And who was its01:00 Mon 31st Dec 2001

There's a new theory on the Hood disaster

A. Yes. Mystery has always shrouded the reason why HMS Hood, pride of the British Navy, sank so quickly. Q. Background please A. It was a terrible time in the Second World War. Britain was01:00 Mon 31st Dec 2001

How did William invade

A. On 30 September, soon after Harold's magnificent victory at Stamford Bridge (click here for parts one and two on the background to the invasion), he received word that William had invaded at01:00 Mon 31st Dec 2001

How did William set out to conquer

A. William was furious when he heard that Edward had died and Harold had been made king. (Click here for the story of how he took the throne). He sent a series of threatening messages to Harold and01:00 Mon 24th Dec 2001

What was the Wall Street crash

A. A terrific slump in shares at the New York Stock Exchange, on Wall Street, in October, 1929. It led to the Great Depression, and the chance for Hitler's rise in power and the resulting Second01:00 Mon 24th Dec 2001

61 to 80 of 228

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