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What Jig-Saw Blade ?

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derekpara | 17:03 Sat 18th Jun 2022 | DIY
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I need to cut a large green plastic water butt into pieces for easier transportation to my local council refuse depot.

I have a good battery operated jig saw which I hope may do the job without too much hassle.

Can someone please advise me which blade would be suitable ?

Cheers. D


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Or …. You could pop the water butt on your local Facebook group as free to a good home - collection only.
Question Author
Good idea, Maydup.Hadn't thought of that . Thanks.
Thanks to you too BB for a helpful link.

Freecycle is also a site for giving things away that are still useful but unwanted
Question Author
Never heard of that organisation, John, but I can see there is a branch in my area. I'm definitely signing up and going down that route as I'm getting on a bit and have loads of useful stuff that will need a new home.
Thanks John. Cheers. D
I'm pleased you've decided to give the water butt away if you can. Everything is so expensive new and someone locally will be really pleased with it, I'm sure. Plus its getting a new lease of life and not going to landfill. Brilliant

Question Author
Thank you, Maydup.


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What Jig-Saw Blade ?

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