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Growing your own

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AB Editor | 15:47 Fri 19th Aug 2011 | Gardening
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Ours have all been grown from seed.
Hard work but worth it if you have the time and the energy to enjoy the benefits that it can bring.
Home grown Organic Fruit and Veg, cannot beat the taste.
We also have a small orchard and have a huge crop of apples this year. I am not fond of apples!!
If you are making Apple Crumble Lottie remember to save me some, nice Custard to go with it as well ! :-))
I don't do custard, sorry Redman. None of us can stand it. Will icecream suffice!!?
Ice Cream will be just fine Lottie thanks !
Licking my lips already ! lol
We have masses of garden mint in our semi-wild garden up the road, we let it grow freely and the dogs can run over it as much as they like and it just releases that lovely minty smell, we cut it with the lawn mower every few cuts and we are encouraging more to grow in different areas.
I love growing my own, can't say I'm very sucessful but it's fun trying!
The taste of home grown is infinitely superior to bought. Also, have you noticed that shop bought carrots, for instance, develop black spots and a grey mould within a short time. This will not happen with home grown. Your own tomatoes are worth it alone for their taste.
You could graze lambs on it Ratter ;o)
-- answer removed --
Thats true LL, ready minted lamb, mmmmm, I wonder!! wild garlic to grow amongst it as well!!!! We have a large BBQ there already for it and looking for ideas on a large fire pit at the moment. :-)
Dragons' Den here I come, Trim!!!!
I think the reason that shop bought veg goes of so quickly is that it isn't as fresh as it appears, it is often stored just above freezing for a long time so as soon as you get it home it warms up and goes of. Strawberries I always have trouble with they seem to go mouldy within 48hrs of purchase something I don't recall happening in the past.
Yes. Let the little darling lambs gambol and frolic and prance through your mint patch. You'll hardly even need mint sauce when you're having the lamb chops later.
I wish we could still buy dirty veg. in supermarkets. They kept for ages. Grandad was a greengrocer and I remember the veg coming in complete with mud and various other things like slugs. Root veg kept for months. As soon as you wash veg they start to deteriorate - and don't talk to me about putting veg in plastic bags!! grrrrrr
In my second year of growing my own stuff. Everything is in pots and tubs and for very little effort, im now eating some of the tastiest veg ive ever had....

Im getting handfulls of runner and dwarf french beans every oher day and they taste awesome.
The tomatoes...both indoors and out have just been sensational this year...i grew 5 different varieties.
the strawberries in pots were superb...and i had strawberries for pudding almost every day in june.
Courgettes have been lovely
peppers and chillis just ripening
baby carrots were lovely
spring onions and baby leeks were nice too

I probably will cut back on a few things next year. My cucumbers were disappointing this year but great last fault for not potting up sooner. probably avoid some of the salad stuff but increase the courgettes and beans.

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Growing your own

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