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Chipchopper | 05:55 Sun 06th Aug 2023 | Gardening
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After 3 or 4 attempts, I finally got some good plants fruiting well, now I'm looking at ways of cooking them.


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We're not as posh as you mob, we call them Zucchini.
Lots of recipes, but if you let them grow huge..
..Slit them down the guts, scoop out the seedy pithy bit, fill the hollow with some precooked mince, garlic onion, tomato, etc.
Top with cheese, breadcrumbs and your favourite herb or spice.
Whack them in a very hot oven until the topping browns.
Serve with crusty hot bread and anything else that takes your fancy.
We just slice them up and cook or steam them or include them with peppers mushroom onion mushrooms as a grilled or pan fried veg medley.
Loads of recipes here, compliments of BBC GoodFood...
You’ll soon be looking for ways to get rid of them, friends and neighbours will hide when they see you walking up the path with carrier bags. You will be looking for cars with their windows left open.

I slice them lengthways, salt them and leave between sheets of kitchen paper to get the moisture out. Grill them and add grated cheese, serve with fish or steak.

Add to soups, stews, curries. They also go well in cottage/shepherd pie type dishes.
I use them in place of pasta in a lasagna like dish, also skipping the bechamel which has met with family approval

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