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Coffee Grinds

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Ric.ror | 11:31 Fri 08th Sep 2023 | Gardening
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Would coffee grinds applied to the surface of my indoor plants stop the dreaded house flies from laying their eggs?


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Not necessarily and it may affect the acidity of the soil
If you cover the surface of the compost with a 1cm-thick mulch of gravel, grit or ornamental glass pebbles, this will stop house plant flies from being able to lay their eggs.
Wouldn't it be better to stop the house flies getting into your home in the first place Ric.ror? I hate them and have fly screens at patio doors and windows.
No harm in trying, but I'd not hold my breath were I you.

(I feel sure flies can get in from the soil you used to fill the pot.)
Question Author
Thanks for your answers everyone
Spent coffee grounds may control slugs, to some extent, in the garden.
You may find yellow sticky labels good for those tiny fungus flies

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Coffee Grinds

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