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Cucumber Mould

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megfitz | 23:00 Thu 14th Sep 2023 | Gardening
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My greenhouse cucumbers ( variety Louisa)have a grey mould on the leaves, then they curl up and  go Crozzley.

What causes this and how can I treat / prevent it,  they're fed with seaweed  as I'm organic  and the greenhouse is well ventilated .

Thanks for any ideas/advice.



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A disclaimer to start with: I'm most definitely not a gardener.  I'd probably find it hard to tell rhubarb from a rose or a marrow from a marigold!

However that nice Mr Google points me towards powdery mildew as a likely cause of your problem, with the same nice Mr Google showing that there are mildew-resistant varieties of cucumber available.  (So possibly growing a diferent variety might improve things for you):

Given that the problem already exists for you though, this link might be more relevant in the short term:

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Thank you Buenchico very useful sites, my OH grows the veg but flowers are universally called Wistershums !

You might like to try giving the leaves a spray with a watered down solution of milk.

It worked on my squash last year 

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Cucumber Mould

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