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Clematis Armandii Appleblossom

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megfitz | 22:22 Wed 25th Oct 2023 | Gardening
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My Clematis Armandii  leaves are brown and hanging down on part of the stem, the leaves at the top of the plant are more green than brown but I'm worried that it doesn't  look very happy or likely to flower, it's fastened to a southwest facing trellis,repotted last year when it flowered beautifully, but it's not happy now, Any advice / suggestions please.



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See if anything here helps:

(Note in particulat the links to 'clematis cultivation' and 'clematis wilt'.

My own suspicion though is that, despite the repotting, it might be root bound. Only the smaller varieties of clematis are really suitable for growing in containers.  One that can grow to 8 metres in height, with a spread of up to 2.5 metres, probably isn't!

Could be a touch of frost damage. I understand its an evergreen and needs to have a sheltered position

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Clematis Armandii Appleblossom

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