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Victoria Plum Problem!

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mikesnr1 | 22:49 Wed 17th Jan 2024 | Gardening
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I planted the sapling over 4 years ago. No fruit for first 3 years, but last summer fruit began to develop from some blossoms.

About the same time, some of the leaf product - a minority - started to shrivel into small curled masses, turning dark: about a foot of mid-trunk stem lost its bark all round the stem; and what very few fruit appeared - first crop of course - were mostly small and misshapen and dropping liberally. Nothing edible survived.

What happened? I think the young tree, now 1.5 - 2 inches diameter, has caught a dread disease! It is leafless now, and apart from the shredded length of stripped bark, looks ok.

Will much appreciate any considered advice, for I am a "learner", and a not-very-good-one at that! 




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My guess is peach leaf curl or silverleaf 

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Victoria Plum Problem!

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