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GU10 Halogen Lamps

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Sylvie | 18:34 Tue 27th Mar 2012 | Home & Garden
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Due to a transformer failure that knocked out our halogen bathroom downlighters, an electrician has now fitted new cabling and a fresh set of surrounds that house GU 10 halogen lamps.

Unfortunately the glow from these new halogen lamps (50w - 240v) is not as intense as the old 35w lights that were knocked out when the transformer failed.

In a nutshell, the new light is more yellowish in colour whereas the old bulbs had a much whiter intense light.

Is it possible to purchase a GU 10 halogen bulb that gives the same intense white light? If so who stock them and what are these lights referred to by the trade?

Thanks In Advance for any responses.


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We use GU 10s which are 50w - 12v & they are a white light. It would appear from your description that the electrician has not put in a new transformer but has used 50w mains bulbs. I would suggest that you fetch him back to do the job properly.

W Ron.
this one gives a daylight sort of glow and are very bright but are expensive compared to others as they are LED

B & Q have a wide variety of GU10 bulbs, Diamond bright are what I use and they are great
I replaced the 50w halogen lamps in our bathroom with 4w LED lamps from Lidl when the had them on special. They cost £6.99 each and give good illumination as well as being considerably cheaper to run.
There's also the added bonus that they don't heat up like halogen lamps and so are less likely to explode, showering everything in hot glass.
A bathroom is divided into zones for lighting ( zone 0,1,2 and 3 ) depending on the distance the light is from the sink/bath will depend on the type of light fitting used. Its worth checking the below and see where your lights are as its unusual to have 240v downlights in a bathroom.
Whiskery...could you give details of your 12v GU10 12v are normally MR16. could swap the GU10 230v lamps for 4wLED as Dougie suggests..please make sure that all downlights in the bathroom are IP65 rated..this means that a thick glass lens sits in front of the if the lamp shatters you dont get a hot glass shower.
BRIGHT SPARK. My sincere apologies they are MR16s, I was thinking of the setup before we had the bathroom re-furbed.

W Ron.
No probs Ron....I thought I was behind the times again.

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GU10 Halogen Lamps

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