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Shark Vacuum Cleaners

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pastafreak | 19:58 Fri 15th Feb 2019 | Home & Garden
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Does anyone have experience of this brand? Any model recommendations?
Much as I like how lightweight my Gtech is, it's terrible at picking up pet hair...I feel like I'm buried in the stuff. :( Emptying it is a messy hassle also.
I think I prefer corded, but I'm open to suggestions.


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I've got one of these - very impressed - better than my old Dyson & you can lift off the sucky bit to do the stairs

Search around for prices though - I've seen this for as little as £169 and as much as £299 !!
I have the shark dual it's excellent on carpets or floors ,only complaint it doesn't stand up on it's own .really easy to empty .easy to separate when you want to do high areas ,very long lead .
I have the Shark Rocket. Best £120 I ever spent. Brilliant for all the cat hair, litter etc. Easy to clean too xx
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I bookmarked that one earlier, Dave. Also this one...
How heavy is the bit that you lift away? User Recommendation

Queen...I saw a reference to the Rocket, but it seems to be discontinued. :(
I'll check yours out mally.
pasta it's the rocket dual brush I have ,shame if they discontinued it x
google shark duo clean x
mines the corded stick x^^^^^
There is a Shark Rocket in Argos, might be worth seeing if that's the one you saw.
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Right now I've got about 6 tabs open on my tablet, between Amazon, Argos, and the Shark site. ;)
The lift away bit on mine is light enough to easily manage in one hand - great for stairs and even the car.

I tried the ones with the canister right at the top and then mine with the canister just above the brush unit - mine seemed much more stable and easy to use with the brush unit for carpets etc, so that's the one I bought.
Have a powered, Lift Away, great but catch holding the dust cup broke. Hold it in place now with a small bungee strap. Works OK. Good brand otherwise.
We have the one with the wider head and it is very good and it's a bit lighter than our old Dyson.
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Well...I've gone and ordered it! It's the one I linked to at 19:22.
Coming tomorrow. I'll probably drag out the Gtech beforehand;)
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It arrived 2 hours ago...unpavjed, assembled and used. To great effect.
Pros...picked up dust on the hall carpet I'd rather not know about... 'eek'...but I know my carpets are cleaner than they've been in a while
Love the way it folds up for storage.'s rather heavy and a bit unwieldy. But I was getting used to it pretty quickly. Not suitable for hoovering the cat.
The stairs will be tackled tomorrow.

Ps...can the dust collection bin be washed? I wiped the outside with a dettol wipe.
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Not unpavjed..."unpacked"

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Shark Vacuum Cleaners

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