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Quietest Electric Leaf Blower

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smurfchops | 17:02 Tue 15th Aug 2023 | Home & Garden
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I hate those noisy things but is there a quieter one (possibly electric) I can buy in UK please?
Thanks all.


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I think that electric mains or rechargeable are going to be the quieter than others...but, to be honest, it's like asking for a quieter pneumatic drill!
(I've always considered them a waste of money/space/time!).
Don't have enough experience of umpteen to give an answer; but I always though a vacuum better than a blower. The leaves then get picked up and put in a convenient bag ready to be dumped on the compost heap, or garden refuse bin if you prefer.
As a matter of interest, I bought a combined leaf blower/vacuum some time ago. The blower works OK, but the vacuum is a big disappointment. It won't pick up wet leaves efficiently. They get stuck inside the tube, and, if they make it to the top of the tube, the shredder won't shred them. All the promotional videos that I've seen show dry leaves being picked up!
Don't use it in the rain ;-)

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Quietest Electric Leaf Blower

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