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Electric Blankets

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sandyRoe | 11:51 Wed 29th Nov 2023 | Home & Garden
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Are they turned on for a while before you go to bed and then switched off or left on all through the night?



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I know mine will definitely be going on tonight. And a extra duvet. 

I need an icy cold bedroom and an icy cold bed, any form of heat and I can't sleep. We currently have a 4.5tog duvet on the bed, my feet are always hanging out of the bed and duvet pulled down to expose my shoulders. And I sleep in the nude 😱. And am way past menopause and hot flushes 🥵

Vagus  thank god I'm not married to you.😺

Dusty, indeed 🤣

Other half wears pyjamas and bed socks, has a double fleece blanket over his feet area, and another double fleece blanket over his half of the bed. And an electric blanket. I feel claustrophobic even writing that.......

He must be a tolerate man

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Electric Blankets

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