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Storage Heater

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Thisoldbird | 21:17 Wed 06th Dec 2023 | Home & Garden
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I know storage heaters are not the best form of heating but I have no choice in an all electric, small apartment. 

It actually suits me and I'm used to them . 


One has decided to break up on me..the know to open the vent for added heat has snapped in the on position. It's 15 yrs old anyway. 


Trying to find a replacement is like looking for a needle in a haystack. These days they have wifi and goodness knows what. 


I rang a company earlier to be told I need a second meter installed to run one of those. I'm also told there is a few "Single Supply" heaters around. 

Does anyone have experience or knowledge on these please. I'm like a fish out of idea what to do. It must ve replaced very soon as it's so cold. 

Many thanks for reading. 



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Hello  I cannot help as I know little about storage heaters, but I found this link which may help.


I notice that Amazon and other sites sell replacement knobs

Screw have convector heaters. We have a couple of freestanding ones which we use occasionally 

Not so many years ago you could get a simple replacement storage heater quite cheaply. That's all changed. These days they're much more sophisticated and a lot more efficient. The downside is they can cost hundreds of pounds.

Simple panel heaters can be bought for around a hundred pounds, but they are NOT storage heaters. You have to switch them on when you need them. Although this is easier with built-in timers. Don't worry about wireless phone apps. They often are available for control, but they can usually be operated manually if you prefer.

What they really need though is a standard wall socket (non-economy 7). They would still come on if controlled by economy 7, but could not be used during the day or evening because the economy 7 would be OFF.

So, it depends on what you have now. I would start by calling the Maker's customer services to see if replacement parts are available. If not, then there are several spare part suppliers who might well have the part. I can't help any further without knowing exactly what heater you have, and how it's wired.  🙂

Unless you want a new heater the parts for a 15 yr old unit should be available.We have been re building these heaters for many years for customers who cant afford new ones.

That said the cost of a decent electrician for a few hours may be more than a new unit.

Question Author

Thank you to those who offered advice. All very useful. 

The Creda I have is 15-16 yrs old so my mind was telling me its about time it was upgraded now it had problem with rhe controls.  

I agreed to let the young electrician check it over before I did anything else as I was getting very stressed. 

He came first thing Monday morning.  It didn't take him long to take the cover off check over the controls..

out to his van for a new control old heater is working fine. 

I used to be so confident sorting whatever issues came up but not so these days. 


Thank you again. X

Good to hear it's all sorted.

Yes, a good outcome and a decent chap you've found...didn't try to flannel you into replacing a unit that works.

Question Author

As a footnote to this question and resolution, the young lad ( when your mid 80s their all young lads ) message me at the weekend to check the heater was still kind.  I'll keep his number and recommend him anytime. 

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Storage Heater

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