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Boiler Replacement

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Bazile | 11:49 Mon 11th Dec 2023 | Home & Garden
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Had a gentleman come round and advise of the overall cost of replacing our boiler .

I'm going to revert to him for an 'official quote' 

But what is the phrase I need to use ?- 'official' doesn't sound correct





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Full and final quotation.

ask for a written quotation. (different to an estimate)

Yes, a 'Quote' is different from an estimate. Estimates are a guide that can vary with circumstances. 'quotes' are fixed prices.

Two things to bear in mind Baz. 

1. Gas supply pipework. This should now be 22mm. Older systems may have 15mm. Make sure any alteration to the supply is included. The less scrupulous may charge this as a 'extra' in addition to the quote.

2. Flue. A newer boiler may require alterations to the existing flue. Insist that this is included.

There are two kinds of installers. One follows the 'Ryanair' principle of basic cost plus everything else needed to make it work.

The other is the type who wants to have a happy customer. They try to include everything they can think of. 

Keep us informed.  😃

Question Author

Thanks all 


You state pipework sizes 

Do you mean the whole of the pipework in the central heating system - pipes running to radiators , etc 


No, no............  just the gas supply pipework.

barry1010 recently posted that he got a good deal on a new boiler install – perhaps he’ll supply the details if you ask.

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Boiler Replacement

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