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Toilet Canon Water Jet Fingwee

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barry1010 | 10:42 Sun 21st Jan 2024 | Home & Garden
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My toilet seems to be flushing okay, the bowl is clear after flushing but it isn't flushing far enough.  Returning to the loo a while later and there is clear evidence.

I have tried plunging to no avail.  As it has been going on for a couple of weeks I think I need one of those devices you fill with water and it shoots it down the loo with some force.

If you know what I mean, what is it called?



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I'd suspect you need a new cistern system. The present one has insufficient force or water quantity.


Meanwhile keep a water filled bucket to the side.

Where is the toilet ie, upstairs or downstairs. We noticed our downstairs bog not clearing properly and found the manhole outside was full - a blockage down the line from us was causing slow drainage. We have some rods so we rodded our pipes and next door's pipes. Finally the third house and last before the street was the culprit. A great big slurp and a gush and all was back to normal.

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It's upstairs.  Our other upstairs toilet is flushing well, as is our downstairs loo.   The manhole is on my drive and it is clear.  

The toilet still has a very strong flush, OG.  I've tried throwing buckets of water down.  The toilet flushes first time, no problem, everything goes.  It just comes back

Try using one of those wires that you can get for a £1 or so.  Many supermarkets sell them or the Range.  They are around 10ft long and you push then down the toilet and much of the time it will clear any obstructions

You need a non-return valve. 😊

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Is this the sort of thing, shedman? User Recommendationref=sr_1_10?dib=eyJ2IjoiMSJ9.9AkaPWzhi2vEdLkfHqWRsTlXRt6NiaQpW_jtDExmW3_xbKPcUvJO-uOznu3atc3nUp9LpXKL3bfXbsoyYbBsBG1o5vNyvzZ3C-lqf6EkR7s33sF-UyS52Bv56I3BhfbZSJVhvaXCmUh1SVfx30qRtTZsjA6mWjOP-PbeOrakCsj3KQlZeYQdb5_TQAFWgJslGUqwvFK3lbFCdCsvTYYFEzhyGRZA82TEN-gaGOI11646ukIuRlLs0uQW0d3Ngyd0SKaeeP9t_TLtWHg3LivuxkiWs7dssHASnMMgBEZ4NNw.2y6w9WfnFMC9x8AGfnnnXV0O4TJckaeAPhbrjkOAef4&dib_tag=se&keywords=toilet+unblocker&qid=1705833792&sr=8-10


Not sure if you mean I need one, or my toilet, douglas

Something similar barry.  This one is 2 metres but they do one in a 3 metre.  I paid £2 for mine in Tesco.

Sorry wrong link.  Just put this into amazon and it should come up.

THORQUE Professional Drain Unblocker 3M (9.84 ft) with Claw (13 mm), Flexible Plumbing Snake, Sink Unblocker and Drain Unblocker Tool, Drain Auger Spring with Claw

Had the same problem 2 weeks ago. Found that the larger pipe at the back of toilet had a solid collection that was not moving, however it was allowing some through. I used half dozen kettles of boiling water, and a full bottle of washing up liquid. Fill u bend with boiling water and liquid and plunge with a mop, a old mop gives more force. Repeat above several times. You may need to give the mop a little hair cut before use because they can be a little big. I keep one ready trimmed for toilet use only. :0)

^^ The washing up liquid allows the bulk to slide so the more the better.

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Thanks for all the suggestions


The drain snake Shedman referred to is ideal. You don't usually need 3 or even 2 metres. By far, most bung-ups occur right at the WC pan itself (even if you can't see it.)

It's the bent bit in the porcelain between the bowl and the spigot (outlet.) From there, it's an unobstructed 110mm plastic pipe that leads to the drain itself. A lot of modern WC designs are problematical. They tend to sacrifice function for over-ponced design. 

I constantly have this in my en-suite. I keep a good old-fashioned plunger handy. Other WCs in the house are standard, so no problem. But mine is a slick Italian design. Not at all expensive..... just looks cool. One day I'm going to take it outside and put a hammer to it.

Anyway, try a short drain snake first and give it a good seeing-to.  😯

Mr. Muscle drain cleaner works very well

Just pour a bucket of water in as you flush, but be careful it doesn't overflow.

Get a plumber in to have a look.

On second thoughts you might have to win the Lottery first

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Happy to report the cheap washing up liquid and mop sorted it, so thanks for that nicebloke.

As always, all suggestions appreciated and I have ordered a drain snake for 'just in case' 

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Toilet Canon Water Jet Fingwee

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