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New Mattress

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Barmaid | 23:05 Sun 21st Apr 2024 | Home & Garden
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I am suffering more and more with back pain. I find it very difficult to get comfortable in bed. This morning I got up and went and slept on the sofa where I always get comfortable.  I've decided a new mattress may help. I'm off to test some mattresses next week. Any tips? Any particular recommendations? TIA



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If you have a local Dreams they could be worth a visit, you can try all the mattresses.  They also give you a 100 day guarantee (as long as you use a mattress protector) that if it isn't right they will change it.  Friend recently had to do that and it was changed, no quibble.

i have the best of both worlds (imo of course!)

it's pocket sprung with memory foam integrated on top

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Thanks all.  I am going to go to Dreams and try a few.  I stayed in a hotel a few weeks back and that mattress was quite soft.  It was so comfortable.

I've done a bit of reading round the subject and I think that my current mattress is too hard.  As a side sleeper, there is probably too much pressure on my hips (and this is where the pain radiates from).  My sofa is LOVELY.  It is a huge Duresta one with big squashy cushions.  I lay down on that and immediately get comfortable and end up falling asleep.  Sofa sitting is now banned on a workday.

I have bought orthopaedic, hard, firm over the years and just realised they are all so hard, so the last two mattresses I just went for SOFT and they are still comfortable.  

Good luck BM - it's a nightmare buying a suitable mattress.


Call that hotel and ask the for the brand name of their mattresses. 

Question Author

lol, they probably won't speak to me after I sent a strongly worded letter of complaint!!!

Ooops...shooting oneself in the foot?

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I was very annoyed that I ordered room service, put my tray outside my room when I had finished eating but kept the glass in my room since I was still drinking my wine.  At 4.30am, a muppet knocked on my door and asked me for the glass.  I told him to go away.

It's the appropriate level of support you need, not whether it's hard or soft as such. If it moulds to your body shape yet still holds up well, that's worth considering.

Beds are generally harder than lounge chairs & sofas. We had a sofa bed - it was OK (ish) for sleeping but too hard to sit comfortably.

you dont have to say "Hello it's me again you know the one that complained I want to ask about your mattresses" you can just say hello I recently stayed and I really liked your mattress what the make of them

Mattresses in hotels are usually "hotel quality"...special versions not available for domestic use/purchase.

(You could go back and try to smuggle one out in a very large handbag!)

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New Mattress

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