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Vinegar On Lawn

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smurfchops | 11:57 Mon 20th May 2024 | Home & Garden
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I used white vinegar in weeds on grass, now grass has burnt!!  Will it grow back?  I am watering it ...  thanks all



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It will grow back, and so will the the weeds.  It only kills the bits it touches, not the roots.

Where did you get the idea to use vinegar from?

Question Author

In my head ... pesky weeds ... 

You can use vinegar on weeds. Best not on things you want left alone though.


You will find grass is very hardy. Forever trying to keep it out of the borders 

Should say that vinegar you use on food is unlikely to be acidic enough to do much. When you get up to 30% or 45% it gets hazardous to the user though.

I usually kill weeds with boiling water so thought I would try it on the grass too.  Just poured it in the centre of one weed to see if it worked and it did and did not affect the grass.  

Salt will work as a spot treatment also. Just leaver out  what you consider to be a weed with a spade or trowel, then pour a wee pinch of table salt, down the hole to deal with any small root tips left behind.

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Vinegar On Lawn

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