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Repotting Spider Plants

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smurfchops | 17:25 Tue 28th May 2024 | Home & Garden
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I recently cut off all the 'babies' on my spider plant and repotted three of each, into small pots.  Within a few weeks they are outgrowing the pots, which admittedly are very small.  They all look healthy although roots are starting to come out of the bottom of the pots.  Should l repot them now and split them into a small pot each, or leave together and repot into larger pots, or leave till autumn when they will be very root bound?  The earth is very soft and I think I can split them easily without damaging them at the moment. 



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I'd probably leave them. I know spider plants can be fast growers, but they also don't mind being root bound for awhile 

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Will they be ok till around September/Autumn?

I should think so...they are pretty resilient. You can keep an eye on them just on case. If you find they start to dry out very quickly or get yellow leaves, it may be time.

Potting-on to the next size up, would be a good bet, imo, but

they are so good at propagating themselves, I don't think this will be a big issue.

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I did over water one once, it went all soft and floppy...  so I am more careful now!  If anything I under-water my plants...

Spider plants will often go a bit pale when thirsty. 

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Repotting Spider Plants

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