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residents parking bays

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curiousity | 15:17 Wed 12th Apr 2006 | Home & Garden
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hi, at the rear of my house there is parking bays for myself and neighbours as live on main rd with no parking. i am totally fed up with people parking there and going to work all day. there are notices up everywhere informing that parking is for residents and visitors only. Totally ignored - what do i do???? as it is not Highways they wont do anything and council wont give us parking permits. i keep putting notes on cars and telling parkers not to but they just carry on!!! and i end up having arguments with everyone!!!


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Check with the land-owner if it's not you and your neighbours.

Put some notices about clamping and private property.

Buy a clamp and use it.

Park your car in front of repeat offenders, completely blocking them in. Leave a note pointing out that this will happen every time they park there. Even better if you can make sure you're out for the rest of the day. (Take a photo of the offending car first, making sure you get their number plate).

I had to resort to this once and even though I got a strongly worded note (i.e. full of mis-spelled swear words) left in return, I never saw that car ever again.

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ive done that - ive parked in front of a car before - police knocked at door and asked me to move it - eventually i did and the prat still kept parking in bays although not outside mine anymore. what worries me is my car getting mysteriously damaged - or my house kids are getting a bit accident prone with eggs at the moment when they are playing 'catch' NEAR these cars - ha ha....

Love the egg game!

Just had a thought - are you committing an offence if you let the air out of his/her tyres...?

sprinkle a hand full of bread/biscuit crumbs on the roof and bonnet. The birdies will do the rest.

The other one is suggested above to buy a clamp put your own notice up and and clamp them, you cannot charge a release fee but you can take a long time to release them, and of course when they come back to get their car you'll be out, oh dear, eventually even dumb animals learn.

do you know where they work? threaten legal action, and def try the blocking them in one, that should annoy them
I was unable to gain access to my parking space because some fools parked in the road blocking all cars, they wernt even visitors or anything, they popped off to the church down the road, I had to cut a tree back and scrape past, my Dad "slipped" and fell against his wing mirror, unfortunatley they don't build cars like they used to, needless to say the wing mirror was on the floor.
I bet a fair percentage were BMW-Audi- Mercedes or 4x4's!! some of those drivers are the rudest on the road!!

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residents parking bays

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