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Boiler Replacement Quote

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Frostygills | 00:07 Sat 22nd Mar 2008 | Home & Garden
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Hi guys,

Could someone give me a indication if my quote for a boiler replacement is in the right ball park.

Work to be done:
Boiler replaced Worcester Condensing Greenstar 24ri
Re-route main gas pipe to 22mm
1050x450mm Part L1 vented Cylinder
New Pump and values
Create a two heating zone :
Add new valve
2 x Honeywell CM927 room stat
Honeywell ST 6100
Integral time clock
4 x Thermo valves
3yr parts and labour

�2,900, in Suffolk.



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Yes please :-)
Question Author
Hiya GM.

Reporting back as requested... We've had the work done now, took a day longer than expected mainly down to bad wiring and the powerflush taking most of one day.

We now have lovely hot water in a fraction of the time, it stay hot for over a day and the boiler isn't constantly going on and off just heating the water.

The rads seem to heated up in the test, though we've not had them on again since.

All in all, pretty happy with the work carried out. Went with the guy in the first post.

Just one other Q if you come back to this... There's still loads of air in the system, which we can hear gurgling away and a rushing noise from the pump, when the hot water is on. How would we go about getting the air out? Obviously if we had the rads on, we could use the key to bleed them, but how do you go bleeding the hot water system?
Hi Gill, nice to hear from you.
Air in the system is common in new installations and will take couple of month to disperse. The best way to get rid of it is to, as you say is to bleed the rads. The worst offender is usualy the towel radiator but remember to keep an eye on the pressure level as it will drop when you vent and may need replenishing. To get rid of the air in the hot water side in the pump, you need to open the air vent in the airing cupboard next to the cylinder. There should be a small brass cylindrical fitting about three inch in height and one and a half inch in diameter, somewhere near the cylinder on the pipework with what looks like a tyre dust cap on it that you need to turn to loosen it. You should get a hiss of air venting fom it, and then tighten it back up when water appears. You may find you have to repeat this a few times to get rid of all the air in the new system on both the hot water side and the heating side radiators aswell untill the system settles down. But you may not notice the radiators untill it starts to get cold again and you start to use the heating. I trust that the installer instructed you as to how to maintian the pressure of the system following venting it ???
Anyhow I am glad to hear you are satisfied with the work and new system and it should give you years of trouble free use,and remember to get it serviced in 12 month time or the warranty will be void. Good luck Darren.
Question Author
Hi GM, been silly busy, thanks for the reply.

We've not had the heating on as yet, but the hot water side is still gurgling when used and we have a sound like pouring sand coming from the pump, our old one did this so I dunno if that's normal.

I couldn't find the part you described to vent the hot water side. Is there a picture online you could link?

No we wasn't instructed on how to maintain the pressure once venting. Is it easy to do?

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