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orangeribbon | 00:19 Sat 28th May 2005 | How it Works
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Hi,I recently got a call from a telecom communications company asking me if I wanted to subscibe for a contract mobile phone. I accepted the �30 per/month tariff-for 100 "free" mins and the same for texts (doubled for the first three months).I received the phone 5 days ago and have been using it daily. However anyone I have spoken to has said I got a bad deal,not to mention a pretty average phone (lg c3310). I want to send the phone back and shop around for a better deal-although I don't know very much about phones/tariffs etc..Has anyone ever returned a contract phone after 5 days (even after usage)? Am I within my consumer rights to return the product? Will ant penalty be imposed if I return the phone and cancel the contract?



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A contract is just that, a contract. Read what you agreed to. This will be available on request from the company - probably on their website. 

Some might argue that you are silly accepting a contract from a random call on your phone.  Paying

.....Paying �30/month for something you don't know anything about is also a little stupid.
With any verbal contract, there is a bare minimum of a 7-day "cooling off" period (although most reputable companies offer 14 days. Yes, you're within your rights to send it back and get a refund on any monies you may have already paid out. Contact the firm as soon as possible and ask them how to go about it. And don't let them persuade you to take up another offer until you've had a look 'round the shops and on the internet!

IndieSinger if you're thinking on the DIstance Selling Regulations, they cover certain goods and services selt without face-to-face contact. There is a seven day cooling off period under those Regs but I'm not sure about a cooing off period for any verbal contract.

goodison1234 I think you're being a wee bit harsh on orangeribbon. We know only what we know and if the deal was descibed in such a way that or thought it was a bargain who can blame him/her. It's a lesson learnt but.

Why did orangeribbon decide to buy and then shop around?  Seems a might silly to me. Oh well, a lesson learned.  You'll be lucky to get your contract cancelled and you'll still owe for the calls made and line rental.


Good luck.

Let's stop bashing orangeribbon and try and help him/her out with possible solutions to the question s/he originally asked.
I concur - Distance Selling Regulations give you an automatic cancellation period of (I think) 10 days - whatever the amount it is definitely working days.

If they try to get out of it, they are breaking the law. It is not something any company can opt out of.

You will in all likelihood have to pay a proportion of the line rental as well as calls you have made.

They are not allowed to charge you a restocking fee or similar.

Hope this helps.

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