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Has ebay started charging to list?

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flobadob | 14:04 Mon 23rd Jul 2012 | How it Works
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I thought it was free to list something on ebay so long as you kept the price below £1, but it is now saying that it will cost 90p to list my item.


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It was free listing yesterday and Saturday, Flob - but you are right it used to be 99p and under free listing. I think Ebay keep changing the rules. If you add photos or put a sub heading they charge for that.
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It worked out free when I tried it second time around. Don't know if I misclicked a box or what.
Its not the listing bit thats the problem, its the final vaue commision they charge. on my items, its about 10 percent, then paypal at, I think, 6 per cent, soon knocks a hole in your profit.

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Has ebay started charging to list?

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