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Online Banking And Mobile App Questions

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pastafreak | 11:49 Thu 02nd Apr 2020 | How it Works
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I've just registered for online banking with both RBS (savings) and Natwest (current account)...this was yesterday. I need to wait for my activation code before I can use it. It will be 3 days.
At the moment I'm desperate to transfer money from savings to the current...usually done in the bank.
If I download the Natwest app, will I be able to do this?
Their site allows account aggregation, with RBS one of the allowed's also part of the Natwest group.
Do I still need to wait for my activation codes?
Also, is it better to have the app on my mobile, or my tablet?
Mobile is a more up to date model.


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have it on both.
Question Author
Just tried on both...tablet is buffering, not downloading.
"Your device may not be optimised..." as I expected.
I downloaded it on my mobile, got as far as entering my customer number, but it's then telling me that there is trouble establishing a connection.
I'm wondering if this is because I don't as yet have a pin number or password. Apparently an online account is required for use of the app...makes sense I guess. I'm very new to this.
I had online banking with HSBC and had to use a wee device to generate a number for each transaction. I kept it in my wallet but after breaking it twice (wallet in back pocket) and washing it (forgot wallet was inside jeans) took the hint and switched to the app.

The app is a lot easier and I need only use the same password to log on and confirm new payees.
Question Author
I've figured out that I'll need to wait for my activation code...which is coming in the post.
I should not have resisted doing this for so long.
I wonder about other oldies who don't have up to date technology.
Question Author
Oh...and I can't do telephone banking for the same reason.
Oh well.
To be pedantic, NatWest is part of the RBS Group, not the other way round.

You will be issued with a Customer Number - this is your date of birth (DDMMYY) followed by your unique identification number.

To sign on you have to enter the Customer Number, then thre of your four digit pin numbers. It does not matter whether you use a PC, tablet of mobile phone.

You will also be issued with a hand held device, in order to set up payees for any transfers from your accounts, although any of the devices issued by most banks will work, as they're all the same.
When you set up a new payee, you should receive a confirmation SMS from NatWest/RBS on your mobile phone as a security measure.
Hi Pasta, for your future info Kindle does not support NatWest Online banking. I have both the app and online banking on my phone (Samsung Galaxy), you can do more through online banking. You may well also need to use a random number generator gizmo, the bank will supply it if you need it, you put your debit card into it and a 6 figure number is generated which you then enter as requested through online banking. I have to admit it is the best thing I have done in my (financial) life, I think you can use the app without online banking, though.
When I changed to the HSBC app, I couldn't carry on using the online banking.
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Online Banking And Mobile App Questions

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