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How To Get Swivel Counter Bar Stool To Go Down?

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ladybirder | 22:15 Tue 12th Dec 2023 | How it Works
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Its sort of like this one. User Recommendationref=sbl_dpx_uk-furniture-bar-stools_B0C9ZXZ86Q_0?th=1

The wretched thing just keeps going up.  The handle only goes up, it won't go down.  It's as high as the top of my cooker.  Can't get my **m on it now at all.  I thought you pressed the handle Up for up and Down for down, the same handle as I can't see another one.  Feel so stupid.  Never had this problem when I had one a few years ago. Help!!!



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Pulling the handle up releases the grip and it goes up if no weight on it and down if weight is on it - that's how I thought they worked - but I'm only guessing in this case.


Sit on the stool first and stay on it while you then press the down handle. 


With a regular gas lift chair, in order to make it go down, you need to be sitting on it when you move the handle. (The weight is needed to counter the upwards movement that otherwise occurs).

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Thank you Canary, Karamia and Chris.  I can't sit on the stool it's too high.  I'll get someone to help me tomorrow.  I had one of these in my kitchen a few years back and knew how to operate them then.  Old age doesn't help.

Try leaning forward onto it to put your weight on it then lift the lever.

Seems a likely solution. So if you can't get your rear on it, maybe lay across it and gingerly pull the handle ? Watch out for the bump !

Or as you suggest, get someone else to sit on it! 

What's that song?..."The only way is up"....

Its an air lift so will be under pressure so sit on it and pull the handle to go down.

Standard operating mechanism for office chairs.

Question Author

I tried all your suggestions but it was too high to get any weight on it.  Friend came round to walk my dog this morning and she sat on it, with difficulty, and got it down.  I shall try and keep it that way.

Ladybirder - sorry for the digression but could you have a look at the 'anyone, just a few will do' thread for an update on my cat ☺

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How To Get Swivel Counter Bar Stool To Go Down?

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