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Can My Carer Use My Parking Permit For Disabled?

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ladybirder | 13:07 Mon 08th Jan 2024 | How it Works
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She usually moves my car off my personal parking space and puts my Permit on display with the time. Then parks hers in my space.  All fine till today when my car won't start as it has been unused for so long.  I think because she is working for me she can do that.  Am I right please?




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Jesus...I bet you wish you had never asked now!
23:29 Mon 08th Jan 2024

Do you mean blue badge or some other permit?

Question Author

Sorry, Blue Badge.

Your blue badge can only be used to allow you to get from your vehicle to your destination.  It doesn't matter whose car it is.

Assuming the car is being on yellow lines or some other restricted part of the public highway your carer is breaking the rules when she uses the blue badge in your car.

As you've got away with it up until now it would be bad luck if you were caught out.


I'm not sure but I think you need to be in the car for the permit to be used.  

Not sure about this, but posted this for you yesterday:

I don't mean when it's parked - obviously.   I mean for her to drive it.

By the way, is your carer insured to drive your car?

If there are two cars and only on Blue Badge, how would one of them not be liable for a ticket?

It might be your personal parking spot but if your car is not in it, on what basis is it permitted to park elsewhere on that road?

As a coincidence my replacement Blue Badge has come through the letterbox with associated bumf. The booklet with do's and donts are as follows (page 8)

The badge is for your use and benefit only. It must only be displayed if you are travelling in the vehicle as a driver or passenger, or if someone is collecting you or dropping you off and needs to parkat the place where you are being collected or dropped.

Do not allow other people to use the badge to do something on your behalf,such as shopping or collecting something for you.

You must never give the badge to friends or familyto allow them to park for free even if they are visiting you.

Here endeth the sermon LB. Hope it helps.

//on what basis is it permitted to park elsewhere on that road?//


With the blue badge.  The car parked on LB's personal spot doesn't need one.  It's a private parking space.

The car in her personal space is not on the public highway.

The other one that is on the public highway displays the blue badge.  That is assuming the personal space is not a disabled bay and the other space is on the public highway and not a private car park with its own restrictions 

Would the car in tbe parking space not need to be displaying a Blue Badge?

No.  It's a private parking space.  It belongs to LB.

The Blue Badge belongs to you, not your car. Moving your car onto the road and putting the badge on it is technically no different from her putting the badge on her car and is a mis-use of the badge.

​"The parking space will consist of a single white road marking, approximately 5 metres long, but will not extend beyond the boundaries of your property.

A sign will also be provided if there is a suitable fence or wall that it can be attached to. If not available, a new metal post will be provided at your expense.

The sign and line are advisory only and cannot be enforced by Highway Authority personnel or the police. This means the sign and line will be ineffective if not respected by your neighbours."

With no Blue Badge in the car occupying the parking spot, how would an attendant know it could be parked there?

Is it a disabled bay outside your home on the public highway is it a parking space on private land that you bought with your property?

Is the second car parked on yellow lines or other restricted area?

It's private property.  A block of flats I think each with its own private parking space.  There is no attendant.

So is the second car elsewhere in the car park or on a public road?

Any car can be used with your card as long as its being used by you and you are driving or the passenger.  You or she can park on double yellow lines as long as its not  blocking the road or restricting traffic movement.  

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Can My Carer Use My Parking Permit For Disabled?

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