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Security light

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chazza | 11:32 Tue 29th Aug 2006 | How it Works
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When I moved into my new house there was already a security light fitted at the back which is very handy when coming home after dark. However it got switched off once and now when I switch it on it stays on permanently.

The other night I switched it on and went out, when I came home it was off, but sensed me and turned itself on, but later on I noticed that it had stayed on since then. As it has been there longer than me, I have no instructions for it.

Anyone have any ideas as to how I can get it back to being a sensor light?


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It sounds like it has broken. The sensor parts are generally rather cheaply and shoddily made. They don't last more than a few years.

You could either replace the whole thing, or add a separate sensor.
It could be Catso but it could also be that you just need to re-set it.

Turn it off at wall for few mins.

Turn it back on, then off then on again.

The light should hopefully stay on for a few mins then turn off and automatically go into sensor mode.

It took me quite a few months to figure this one out in my newly-moved-into house!

(Also, to ensure it doesn't change again I've stuck sellotape over the switch)
I thought it was the other way around. You did the on-off-on thing to STOP the automatic mode and force it permanently on. So the default operation (and, coming back on after a power cut) was the sensor mode.

The OP did say that it was off, sensed him and came on, but stayed on.
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Mine used to work by coming on in sensor mode when you first turned it on, and then coming on permanently after the on-off-on thing.

Now it seems to come on almost permanently (apart from the random time mentioned above when it worked)

Thanks for your replies
Hmm, that's interesting then.

When I've gone to the switch and some 'mysterious' person has turned it off (Mr Wilsarnie ALWAYS maintains it's not him but really who else could it be when we live on our own??!) I just flick it up down and up and then it works in sensor mode.

Maybe ours is just set up the other way round!

Sounds like is broken. Get a new one!!!
I know it might be a daft answer to your question but have you tried cleaning the sensor with a damp(not wet) cloth?
I've had a similar prob where the blasted thing wont go off and did the above and it worked.
If you've already tried this,please forgive me.
And if you're really so loathe to buy a new one ;-)

You could try taking the sensor bit down, drying it out, clean it up and trying again.

For this problem you should contact with your installer. He will sort out your problem. Instead of that i will suggest you to put video door phone. It will record all the actions in your premises. It is a reliable solution for security.


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Security light

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