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Increasing car insurance premiums

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SpikeyBush | 01:21 Sat 10th Sep 2011 | Insurance
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When I first moved from the UK to Ireland I was gobsmacked when my insurance premium went from £400 fully comp to IE£800 third party. However, now I spend much of my time back in the UK I looked at re-registering and insuring my car in the UK. Went on the internet and couldn't believe the quotes I got. It has gone the other way now. I currently pay €700 fully comp in Ireland with a €70 excess for a 1.9 turbo Vectra. Best quote I got in UK for the same car was £840 with a £300 excess. My guess is the 'Personal Injury Assessment Board' implemented in Ireland a few years ago has arrested the inflation of claims here. A guy drove into the back of me at the lights in Dublin last year and I haven't had one text or call from an ambulance chaser.

Maybe the UK can buy this idea from Ireland to ease their financial woes. I believe the going rate for a good idea is €87 billion. Greece, Portugal, Spain and Italy, I understand, also have good ideas for sale.


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So who hasn't been paying attention to the news this week, then?

However I still only pay £273 per year for fully comprehensive cover on my Escort (with only a £100 excess), and that includes the highest level of RAC cover in that figure as well.


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Increasing car insurance premiums

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