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Recieved A Speeding Ticket. Im Doing The Speeding Awareness Course But My Renewal Is Next Week

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Al12 | 10:34 Fri 23rd Oct 2015 | Insurance
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So im 19 and my cheapest price with 1 year ncb is £810
And thats over the phone with elephant
Now yesterday i recieved a speeding notice through my door just before my renewal

Elephant happen to be underwritten by admiral the only company in the uk who asks and raises premiums based on if you have been to a SAC
And can spike premiums by 50%!!

Now my first question is i recieved this notice yesterday and have 95 days to send it back and apply for the SAC. So do i by legal terms do i have an sp50 as its not on my licence yet? And i know im going sign up for the SAC
So when its motoring convictions technically i dont have it yet but i do?

and also if i buy that elephant price through compare the market it doesnt ask me for any details about a SAC with that same price with elephant ? So could i blag that?


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^^ You have to declare any conviction or notice of offence that you are aware of at the time you ask for the insurance quote.
Not declaring it can void any insurance issued.
I think you're drifting into the realms of fantasy now.
yes I agree eddie is drifting into the world of fantasy. As the judge said above you have to answer the questions, they ask about convictions not possible future convictions.
If you have been given the option of taking the speed awareness course rather than take the points, you do not need to declare it UNLESS SPECIFICALLY ASKED if you have been on a speed awareness course. There was a similar thread about this and there was a fair bit of disagreement after I said this was stated on the radio but I did some digging on the Internet to confirm it.

I will have a look for the thread.
If you notify an offence of which you are subsequently found not guilty , then you can ask for a reduction of the premium. But you still MUST inform them of any pending cases.
As said, failure to inform them can result in your insurance being void. Leaving you personally liable for any claim and a charge of driving without insurance.
no, you answer the question, if they ask about convictions then you tell them about convictions. if they ask about pending convictions then tell them, they do not ask that. I use the comparison sites all the time, some ask about the courses, I have never been asked about pending offences. Show me an example eddie, I'll retract.
As TTT said, insurers have to be clear about the information they require and it is not up to drivers to guess what may or may not be relevant to the cost of the premium.

///and have 95 days to send it back and apply for the SAC///

Is that ^^^ for real?
^^ I thought that was a mistake 15 days not 95 ?
You could possibly get away with it.
Can the insurance company prove that the initial communication re the ticket was received by you, before you committed to their policy? Probably not and they probably wouldn't try.
I suppose it is a matter of conscience
That article was from 2005, Eddie and pre-dates considerably the 2013 article provided by Corby in the associated question.

I think the matter is now quite clear – insurers must ask specific questions to get the info they require. They are not limited in what they ask (provided it is not contrary to law, especially the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act). Motorists must answer all those questions truthfully but cannot be expected to guess what the insurers want to know about.
“ ///and have 95 days to send it back and apply for the SAC///

Is that ^^^ for real?”

Yes it’s about right, balders.

There is a limit of six months to “lay an information” before a Magistrates’ court to begin a prosecution for speeding. If someone accepts the offer of a SAC but then fails to take up the offer, three months or so still leaves time to start a prosecution proper.

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Recieved A Speeding Ticket. Im Doing The Speeding Awareness Course But My Renewal Is Next Week

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