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Is Buying A Car Warranty Worth?

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MilaChris | 14:02 Mon 13th Nov 2023 | Insurance
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Are car warranties worth buying? After researching about it, I feel it is as it covers all unforeseen repair costs. But I don't know where to go. Few say Warranty Direct, and some say Warranty Wise and there are so many companies providing it...



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I wouldn't bother.  I bought my car new over 14 years ago and all I have to spend on is the usual consumables - tyres, battery, wiper blades and of course the MOT and servicing.


I'm with Barry, I wouldn't bother. They will probably find some small print to avoid paying out if you claim. Save the premiums and put them towards future repairs.

Don't bother, they usually find a way of not paying. The rules are strict and easily contravened and they cover almost nothing anyway.

As TTT says @ 14.19 ..Don't bother. It's like voting Conservative, they take your money off you and you get nothing in return. They just trouser your money OK.

^The kids are home from nursery then

I've bought warranties in the past and scored out of it.

Ask them what's NOT covered before making your mind up.

I think, with modern car manufacture, the chances of anything major going wrong within the warrenty period are unlikely, modern manufacturing standards are much higher than they used to be years ago.

As advised, I'd save the premiums and put them towards any repairs needed.

It's a calculated risk, but on balance, I would think it worth taking.

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Is Buying A Car Warranty Worth?

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