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paulklinitz | 23:27 Mon 16th May 2022 | Jobs & Education
3 Answers
Why would someone follow up with me after being rejected from a job and give me a ;) at the end?


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Good grief! This is your 6th question on basically the same topic!

Many people habitually add a smiley onto the end of almost everything they write in emails, simply to seem upbeat. It doesn't necessarily 'mean' anything at all.
walk away

it may mean he supported you and no one else did
it may mean dont take it personally
it may mean that it wasnt that important for him and so shouldnt be for you
it may mean that you looked TERRIBLY disappointed and yo shouldnt be
it may mean they knew who they were gonna appoint and it wasnt gonna be you
and finally
he wish to go out for a drink
( I wd refuse)

walk away and go on applying
that's not just a smiley, Buenchico, it's a wink. Which is odd. But I think PP has it right: ignore it and move on

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