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I'm Abit Worried About This Trial Next Week

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abbeylee90 | 18:25 Thu 02nd Nov 2023 | Jobs & Education
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As it involves bed making which I've never made anyone else bed so different cleaning to what I do now 



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You can only do your best.

I'm sure it be good enough.

Question Author

Or laundry 

Don't worry.  You'll be shown how to use a washing machine.

Have you said that you don't have the experience?

Question Author

I can use a washing machine. They haven't asked about experience just say training provided 

Learn how to make a bed with hopital corners. That'll impress 'em.

Then they'll train you.

If training is provided they'll train you.  Don't worry - just show that you're willing to work - and learn.

Question Author

My current job trained me but still reduced my hours 

Don't worry about that.  This is a different job.  

Question Author

It's housekeeping my current one but this is cleaning office and people houses 

abbey, you'll have to stop thinking about what has happened in the past, put it behind you and concentrate on doing the best you can in the present

If they offered me a job making beds...I think I'd turn them down.

Do you do your own bed at home? Just do what you do at home. If not, just do a quick internet search on the best way to make a bed- but they will probably have their own method which they'll show you.

I wouldn't worry about them reducing your hours- the trial is more to see whether they'll take you on for the full 3 days a week as you wanted or turn you down.

Newmodarmy, please tell abbey your first paragraph is a joke.

Sentence not paragraph.

Good luck Abbey 😊

abbeylee, yes ignore my flippant comment- it was just meant to lighten things up a bit . I feel quilty now.

Can you take a small notebook to make notes or make notes on your  phone or even take some photos of the way they prefer a bed to be made such as tucking in corners. It will help you to remember what they have said or shown you. Obviously try not to be over the top taking notes or photos though. Just whatever works for you.

Good luck! I'm sure you'll do great. 

Good luck for the trial, Abbey !

Listen carefully to what the trainer says and you'll soon get the hang of how things are done. 😉





Make the bed the same way you make yours

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I'm Abit Worried About This Trial Next Week

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