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Abbeylee - How Have Things Been Today?

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Hazlinny | 18:02 Mon 20th Nov 2023 | Jobs & Education
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Hi Abbey!  I am sure I am not alone in wondering how the work situation went today - did you start at the new Care establishment or go to the previous one? Whichever, I hope all went well.



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Whenever I open my browser all my pinned tabs automatically log me in, doesn't mean I clicked on every tab.

Show as logged in, but not looked in

I log out and log in if I want to contribute.  Noone then knows I've looked in.  I guess there's quite a few missing abers who do that!

Abby posts when it suits her, not when it suits us.  She rarely answers my questions to her.


Abbey does answer, but sometimes her answers are not too clear as to what she means, or to whom she is replying.  But it is unfair to say she never replies.

Off to the shops 🙋‍♂️



I think some of your questions to her are not relevant to the thread and so she doesn't think she should answer 

Regardless of what the Ed says I've now given up on her.  I have doubts.


Abbey is definitely genuine. She has not looked in since 2117 last night. She is now at work, so cannot post.  She is trying to make this latest job successful.....which is more important to being on AB.  

TBH, if i had a couple of people following me round, telling others when i'm at work to the minute, i would be a bit reluctant to post too!

Gawd elp us

Funny how threads go pear shaped so quickly on here...


none of us have learnt we cant livee Abbey's ( admittedly fascinating) life for her

Yeah if I had bought as man chemise and tops that Abbey has told us about - I would be called " Topsy"

 i would be a bit reluctant to post too!

she isnt reluctant to post ( observed data)

Pedantic Pete 🤣

I think Abbey isn't posting just  now because she has nothing to complain about - the people at the new place are treating her with respect and kindness and, hopefully, she has found a job in which she feels comfortable and can progress further.  She will post when she is ready - of that, I'm sure.

Hello Abbey,  You are home a bit earlier? We are all asking how your day went

I just read that yesterday was good.Today not great due to tiredness probably.

Rest, have a nice meal, and sleep well tonight to gain energy for Wednesday. 

Floko where did you just read that yesterday was good etc?

Margo.  on another thread 

Which one please

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Abbeylee - How Have Things Been Today?

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