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Abbeylee - How Have Things Been Today?

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Hazlinny | 19:02 Mon 20th Nov 2023 | Jobs & Education
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Hi Abbey!  I am sure I am not alone in wondering how the work situation went today - did you start at the new Care establishment or go to the previous one? Whichever, I hope all went well.



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Abbey - I hope that the job situation sorts itself out.  Best wishes.

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^^ Bump

Question Author

Me again Abbey/  It's so unlike you not to post on AB almost every day and I guess we are all hoping you are OK.  Please can you reply if you are looking in. x


ABBEY logged in to-night at 21:17 and I seen she had logged in earlier to-night.

She is avoiding you all!!!

Question Author

She mustn't want to talk to us .. a bit inconsiderate especially as we all have gone out of our way to help/advise her.

Abbey is probably relaxing after her first day . I hope it went well 

It is not inconsiderate. No one is obliged to answer immediately and she may not have seen your posts unless it was in the "latest list". 


She is now due at work shortly, so hope the second day is good

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Floko/ Abbey has been known to post when she is at work so
she may inform you as regards how the new job is going.
And  .. I do think she is being inconsiderate in not keeping us updated   ...we have spent many hours advising her on what to do regarding such drivel posts as what nails, what to wear, etc. etc.yet when a kindly, concerned question is put to her, she does not reply!  She was logging on yesterday!
With respect, you have been on here for some 4 months; many of us have known Abbey for much longer and kinda know the way her mind works.

Floor, I'm sure, has said she knows Abbey is genuine, so I presume they've met or at least in contact.??


Sorry Floko, not Floor!

Could be a problem with the uplink from her station.

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^^ and "he" !!

Question Author

08.58  ? King's Cross

Oh do calm down Haz 😳

Question Author

Floko/I've taken my pills  -  you have a good day now πŸ€£

Have a good day Haz.  Abbey popped by  at 1230 yesterday (during her lunch break I guess) and again a minute or two when she finished work. 

But with her new job, it would be foolish to use her mobile during cleaning hours. She will be eager to impress new boss.  TTFN  πŸ˜€

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... and  I'm laughing all the way to the  .....! πŸ€£Can I call you Uncle Floko?

Uncle  Floko or Uncle Jim . Aw !

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Abbeylee - How Have Things Been Today?

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