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Do I Take Take A Trip To Where My Interview Is?

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abbeylee90 | 17:56 Fri 09th Feb 2024 | Jobs & Education
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Shall I go the place of my interview before think I've been by there before but so I can find it on the day 



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Yes, always.  Try and arrive at the same time as your interview so you know what the traffic will be like

If you're not sure where to go - yes.  You don't want to be late on the day.

It might be a good idea so you arrrive relaxed.

Excellent idea nothing worse than turning up for an interview all hot and flustered 

Try Google maps/street view

Very good idea.  What job is this for and how many hours?

^^^^ I was just going to ask that.😀

Contingency plans - yes, always a good idea.

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Forklift driver  which I'm going on a course for and hours Monday to Thursday 7.30-4.30 Friday 8am-1pm

So you are still going on the course, Abbey?  Don't think you are destined to be a fork-lift driver but who knows?

I like to know where I'm going first so usually find the time for a practice run. But it's up to you. If you intend to arrive remarkably early to be on the safe side it should be ok. It's easier if taking public transport than it is having to find your own way and somewhere to park.

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Well if I need to unless they provide forklift licence. I don't know either 

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It ridiculously early via transport 

Well as you don't drive, you will need to ask your parents or get a taxi.

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Mum works and my dad won't get up that early 

Other people get to work early by public transport abbey.  Don't let that put you off.

You may have already answered this, Abbey, ... how far away is the location in miles?

Abbey do they know that you haven't passed a fork lift test yet?

Is this for a job...or the training for a job?

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Margo tester I did mention I was about to go on a course in email don't know where I applied for it as can't find on indeed

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Do I Take Take A Trip To Where My Interview Is?

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