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Accident Advice NO WIN NO FEE - Are they the company to go with?

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lourules | 18:57 Thu 12th Jan 2012 | Civil
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Im making a claim against my employers for a serious accident i had at work resulting in myself needing an operation on my back and suffering every single day in pain for the past 9 months as a result. I have consulted the Accident Advice Helpline and they have told me after much conversations on the phone they wish to take my claim on. Now i might be thick but surely they dont just take a one off fee of £399 if i win? Seems a bit low for me? Are they a good company to go for for this type of thing? Would i get more compo if i went to a private solicitor or would i incur more/higher fees? I havent a clue how it all works and i am confused with the paperwork and phonecalls


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Do they also require you to take out an insurance policy?
they will collect fees off the other side if you win!

but i think you should consult the union, if you have one, before making any decisions!
I don't know this company but they might charge you up front for the admin, in which case don't touch them. No win no fee should mean just that - but some companies take a percentage of whatever your final settlement is. They're ambulance-chasers. I suggest you go and ask your solicitor what they would charge you - don't agree to anything on the phone, it all needs to be in writing.
you have 7 days cooling off if you agree over the phone BUT you must cancel in writing! (if you have agreed to anything)
There are plenty of accident claim firms that don't make youpay a fee win or lose.

They recliam their expences from the other side. They rarely take a case they can't win.

If you have a genuine case go to a reputable firm. My nephew had an accident at work and got 9.9m
This is a good company as far as i have heard. one of my colleague got his compensation without paying anything and they gave him a good advice.

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Accident Advice NO WIN NO FEE - Are they the company to go with?

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