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T-Mobile and deceased wife

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aardvaark | 18:47 Tue 18th May 2010 | Civil
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My wife has sadly and recently passed away. I have contacted T-Mobile and informed them she is deceased. The person from T-Mobile told be they would send me a new agreement with various price plans as I have to transfer the account to my name before cancelling the agreement. My point is that I want nothing to do with T-Mobile, I cant imagine why I would have to take the account over and then cancel it. Their agreement is with my wife who is desceased and surely any contract/agreement also ceases.
Is this not correct?


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yes, they cannot expect you to take over her contract

perhaps they mean it can only be cancelled by the owner so as a formality they must transfer it to your name and you can then cancel...could be something to do this the computer etc...but even that sounds daft

was she still within the agreed contract time? maybe thats why they have to transfer, just a formality

but either way you are not responsible to take this on, and if that is what theyre claiming then they should be ashamed of themselves
i'd of thought that it would be nullified but ask the citizens advice bureau and see what they say. I wouldn't put it in my name as then they will 'trap' you by continuing the contract with you (then it'll be you can't cancel for a year etc.....)
Like you say - the contract was with your wife not yourself.
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thanks - both above answers are exaclty as I thought. Seems odd a company would say this though - perhaps I should try another person.
They cannot force you to take on the agreement. Do not get involved in one either as yourself or as executor of her estate.

They can insist that your wife's estate pays whatever is necessary to wind up the contract as if she had cancelled it herself. There's a good chance they won't if you can get through to someone who actually understands and doesn't fall back on 'she'll have to call herself' (seriously - there are reports of companies doing this)
This is a personal contract, therefore it ends on death. They cannot (and should not) require you to enter into a contract in replacement. I'd tell them to get stuffed (not entirely a legal phrase, but puts into words what I think).

Your wife's estate is liable for any charges up til death. Thereafter the estate should have no liability (from when they were told of her death). Do NOT under any circumstances enter a new agreement with them. This is entirely unnecessary and will leave you personally open to their charges.
Quite often people on the end of the phone at large companies dont know what they are talking about. Had to get into quite heated words with a child answering the phone at one of the major banks yesterday to get what was wanted on behalf of my husband (as his English is not the best). She needed a bit of persuasion to do what was required but did in the end. If someone told me what TMobile said to you I would have asked to speak to their supervisor.
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thanks everyone - appreciated
Just send them a copy of the death certificate and request confirmation in writing that the contract has been cancelled accordingly.
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just to finish off this thread - I spoke again to T-Mobile and this time got through to someone who was very helpful - told me her colleague had been completely wrong and dealt with cancelling the contract there and then. I guess the moral of the the story is try try again until you reach someone sensible, Thanks for the replies
the first person sounds terribly insensitive. I'm pleased you've got it sorted now, and I am sorry for your loss x

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T-Mobile and deceased wife

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