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I Am Owed £50 Via Paypal / Ebay

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hundreddolla | 09:41 Thu 10th Oct 2013 | Law
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Hi all,
I recently purchased on eBay with paypal, a weeks holiday in a caravan for £100 plus a deposit of £50. I paid the £50 deposit about two months ago and then the final £100 about one month ago. Two days before the holiday(!) the seller emailed saying that he was having legal problems with the Holiday Park and that unfortunately would have to cancel the holiday. I received a refund for the £100, but not the £50 deposit. I have emailed the seller numerous times trying to get the deposit back but to no avail. I tried going through Ebay / Paypal mediation, but unfortunately as it is over 45 days since the deposit was paid, eBay will not help. I have contacted Paypal, only to be told that they won't cover the loss / help out as it is not for an actual "physical" item. So, Answerbankers, where do i stand? I understand that it's not worth the hassle / monetary outlay to go down the small claims route, but are there any other ideas? Thanks in advance.


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what is the persons feedback like for this holiday? are others satisfied?

do you think this is a scam? or do you think the issue with the park etc is real?
i would contact the holiday park - maybe he gave the £50 to them for some reason and thats why he doesn't want to return it

if nothing else it will embarrass him and alert the park to what hes up to
Question Author
Thanks for your replies Joko. It was a last minute deal on ebay. A private let. He has one piece of feedback relating to the caravan, and it was positive. I don't think it was an outright scam, i'm pretty eBay savvy on this sort of thing - usually! I think it was a fledgling idea that got nipped in the bud by the Holiday Park. I've now managed to get Paypal to send him an email on my behalf, as they have admitted that something like a holiday will be paid for well in advance, and may fall out of the 45 days limit. I've also spoken to my bank and been told that the onus lies with Paypal to sort this out. Paypal also told me if i don't hear anything from the seller within 72hrs to contact them again and the Police and Trading Standards will be involved.
Question Author
Just got off the phone to Paypal and basically, apart from sending the seller friendly reminders, i am not covered by their protection scheme. They will not cover you for any item that is not a "physical" item. So no cover for holidays or any kind of service. Any ideas of where to go now?
You have no real option but to either write it off or start a small claim in the county court.
Question Author
Thanks HC - I thought as much. I'm guessing the Police won't do anything. Paypal told me to write to trading standards, It's only £50 but i really hate the fact that the seller has just ignored any emails, and played the system.
Question Author
Small claims will cost more to start the ball rolling than the £50 owed. If i had the money lying around doing nothing it'd be worth the investment just to make the seller pay court costs AND the £50 owed. Oh, well looks like a write off! Boo!
A quick stab on Google has debt collection agencies; some organise Court cases on No win no fee basis. Threaten the defaulter with same to make them settle before Court costs.
That's an American site, Tambo.

It shouldn't cost much to get it to court, you almost certainly will win, if it gets that far. Many debtors settle very quickly when they get the paper work.

Trading Standards will only be interested if the seller is a business.
Question Author
Thanks AGAIN HC - I've now managed to google his name, and as it is quite an unusual name i've found what i think is him on the electoral roll, his wife's facebook page, and possibly where he works. Do i write an email to his boss? Do i contact one of his friends on facebook - perhaps the one who is a PASTOR! Or am i taking this too far? Advice please.
Eeek. Be very careful of taking those steps.

Did you get his address through eBay?
Question Author
I've now sent him an email saying that i will be sending his employer and Pastor a letter with all the correspondence from Paypal and myself if i don't hear anything back within 48hrs. Whether i actually go ahead with it is another thing!!

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I Am Owed £50 Via Paypal / Ebay

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