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Tax Credit Overpayment Bill From 2009

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winkyridg | 18:54 Tue 30th Jan 2018 | Law
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Hi, my partner has just received a Tax Credit overpayment bill hand delivered to her door by a baillif, she didn't know what it was for until she contacted the said baillif who told her it was from 2009, my partner has had no correspondence about this whatsoever in the 9 years she has apparently owed it, then all of a sudden this, is this legal? The one thing that's really confusing me is that she's had to contact the local council to find out about it all, why has she been asked to contact the council regarding a Tax Credit bill? i've told her not to do anything until she's been in touch with Citizens Advice, does anyone understand what is going on here because i'm very confused, many thanks


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Was she in receipt of housing benefit?

They can go back as far as they want.
Yes HMRC can go back further than the 6 years that others can go back. I seriously doubt that no correspondence has been received - I know from experience that HMRC send out copious amount of correspondence - has she moved in that time?
What sums are we talking about?
She can ask for evidence of the OP but to be honest she is just putting off the inevitable
Does the bill show a breakdown of how the overpayment was calculated or does it just say "You owe us £X"?

If it's the latter your partner needs to insist upon seeing the full figures before proceeding any further.
well this is a good read - have fun

but if it is a bailiffs letter then you ( or she ) is quite far down the path.
They don't pass the debt onto bailiffs until they have tried to recoup the money for several years
^^^ Some firms operate as both debt collectors and bailiffs so, while a letter heading might mention the word 'bailiffs', they could in this instance only be currently acting as debt collectors. Indeed, if they've only delivered a 'bill', rather than a 'court order' or a 'summons', that would seem to be the more likely scenario.

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Tax Credit Overpayment Bill From 2009

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