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How Long Do New Companies Have To Register Employees For The Peoples Pension?

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winkyridg | 18:52 Wed 28th Mar 2018 | Law
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Basically the above question, my partner works as a Chef in a new Hotel/Restaurant, she's been there 4 months which is how long the place has been open but has yet to be given any info regarding The Peoples Pension, all they've said is, as a new company they have a certain amount of time before they have to enrol all employees into it, could anybody please elaborate on this? Many Thanks


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The employer had a period of 6 weeks from their 'duties start date' (which, in this case, was when they opened the business, as long as they'd then got employees aged between 22 and 65, earning over £10k per annum) to set up their pension scheme.

Once the scheme was set up the employer could delay an employee's automatic entry into it for up to 3 months but
(a) they'd have to explain their decision in writing ; and
(b) they'd still have to accept the employee into the scheme if the employee requested it.

Non-compliance with the rules can be reported here:

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How Long Do New Companies Have To Register Employees For The Peoples Pension?

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