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Egress Platform

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divegirl | 10:54 Thu 02nd Apr 2020 | Law
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Good morning people,

I have been sent a request to open one of these by [I am assuming the solicitor of my ex employer who I am taking to tribunal].
Seeing as I can't get an answer from my union at the moment, and am behind in the process, is it safe to go ahead and do it?

Feeling just a touch out of my depth here... facing a panel at work was one thing but... eeek!


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Egress is just a platform for secure email etc. so they presumably want to send you encrypted emails/info etc. It's the same tool my doctors use to send me medical results etc. so I'd say you were certainly ok. The software itself is a complete pile of cack mind you but that's a different matter.
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Thank you :)
lol, PT Barnum used to have a sign at his exhibitions saying "To The Egress". People would follow it expecting to see some some sort of rare bird, only to find themselves outside, because egress also means exit.

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Egress Platform

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