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Employment Status

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chanel5 | 10:25 Sun 19th Jul 2020 | Law
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Hi everyone, a woman who lives near me has been harassing a neighbour, and has been served with a Formal Harassment Warning by the police. Is this likely to impact on her job as a school secretary?


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It might, if the school became aware of it.
It will show up on an Enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service Check so it could affect her employment.
Grossly unfair, in my opinion. No trial, no right of appeal, no right to refuse to accept the Warning.
// It might, if the school became aware of it//
it is called a PIN isnt it or is it something else?

she needs to revise her law on this subject
which means reading on ....

and yes I have had a PIN served on me - my view was that it was a debtor ex tenant who didnt want me to serve court notices on her
but of course the harassers opinion is not asked
you just get one

so that should be her first point if some concerned busy body brings it up in her school - "just to be sure"

and if and when the skool ( who shd kno it is irrelevant ) says oh that is for the police
she follows up with - they dont hear the other side - you just get one on the say so of the complainant

the appeal process of a PIN is to allege incompetence on behjalf of the police and it comes a disciplinary matter
excuse me what was that?
since it is not statutory - this is how it must be done

erm and that is just about it

which I consider quite good

pkease let us know what happens

yeah give them hell
the school that is !

My PIN was dragged (by the outraged indebted ex tenant) into the rent arrears hearing when the judge said - "demand to pay arrears is not harassment" and gave me judgement. So when she tried it again on the same facts - I told the police res judicata -
that it had already been decided and the dear lady should have told them
They looked as tho she should have

this is the sort of thing where
no 1 - the first time - you think o o I must be a very bad fellow
and then when they try it again you thing
I will eat them for breakfast

the lady? later made bankrupt in the sum of £29.000.
oh yes i was there at the Bankruptcy hearing making my views plain about her ability to tell the truth about her income

I was able to show she was on the game ( well she did live near me) and had NOT declared income from that

I do not expct you to believe any of this
Not the same but I had an ongoing problem with neighbours alleging dog noise....the council's official attitude was the same. All the official communication assumed that there was a problem and that it was my fault...and yes the first time I was really stressed by it, the second time, "I will eat them for breakfast" kicked in. I took advice from the police and had one of those "detailed and constructive" conversations with the Head of Environment at the local council during which I might have mentioned the possibility of taking legal advice regarding the position of a council department being used as a tool for harrassment.
And THIS story has a happy ending. The Council's procedure for investigating noise nuisance is now changed and the alleged nuisance maker is now not contacted until the complainant has kept a 4 week noise diary and provided evidence.

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